Finding your unique passion

What do you find yourself talking about, or being asked about a lot?

What could you talk about for hours, non-stop?

What do people ask you for advice or information on most often?

What have you had on-the-job experience with?

What skills and knowledge have I picked up from self-study (classes, books, the Internet, workshops, etc.)?

What skills and knowledge have I picked up from formal education, organizations, and communities?

What skills do I have as a result of studying for certifications or other exams?

What hobbies do I have that I feel particularly good at?

What conversations do I find most interesting?

What are you naturally good at?What do I have training or education in that I enjoy doing? What do I have an interest in or find myself researching often? What am I passionate about that I will still be passionate about in five years? What activities do I enjoy most? What do I receive compliments on? What do I find the most joy helping people with? If my business wasn’t profitable for six months or more, would I still want to do it? What topics do I bring up in conversation most often? If I were to write a book right now, what would it be about? Thinking through what’s involved in delivering my passion as a service (this post should help), am I willing to go through all of the steps?